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May 11, 2017

Back With A Passion

Feels good to get back in the blog seat and talk about the things that I’m passionate about and also share all these amazing images with friends and family. Back in the day I would blog for everyone hopping that someone would read the blog. Now I blog for the love of what we are doing and to show that with each day we are going to push ourselves to a new level and produce images that are not only beautiful but fun as well.

I want to open up the comment section and produceĀ blogs on the subjects that our clients are and fans areĀ interested in. Be able to go out in the field and shoot with some of you as well and get our photography classes up and running again. So if you have questions you can always leave them here in the comment section or also email us at any time. Now lets do some blogging.

(Images from behind the camera on our May 6th wedding)

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