husband & wife photography team:

We met each other long ago back at Cal State Northridge where we had one class together. From that moment we were best friends. Not knowing at the time that our friendship and love of photography would lead us to the family and business we have today.

We've learned over the years what makes our clients happy and we've built our business around it. We let our clients love their images with the option to print their own photos or have a full service photography team like us do it for them.

Best part of what we do is meeting new and fun people every day. We start out by meeting a couple and capturing the first moments with the engagement session, leading into one memorable wedding to capturing the fist time they are parents. Life truly has some magical moments, and we are their by your side.

From: The Tepé Family

We are a husband & wife photography team. We strive to provide our clients with a fun photography experience, amazing images, beautiful albums, and loving friend by your side.

You're probably overwhelmed with all the photography information out there and have seen many sites and Instagram pages by now, but don't worry, you're not alone. We are here to help.

We live in Los Angeles, the one city that has many days of sunshine with amazing venues and locations. Check out any gallery along with the prices all laid out for you. We don't hid anything. Knowing the price upfront makes it easier for you with no guessing. 

Little extra about us

We started what was called TepeTepe Photography back in 2009, where we quickly changed it to TepeSuz when we heard a client say it. From that moment on we know that is who and what we are. We are TepeSuz. A mix, and a marriage between people, styles and names. We look back and smile, and we push on to make ourselves better each time we pick up a camera.

just the 2 of us

Our kids may be sick of us taking photos of them one day but till then we will capture every moment, smile and event.  Photos are moments in time, they are memories that make us have a feeling towards something. We would love to capture your moments over each year. Join us! 

The tepé kids

We are different then other photographers. We let our tricks and tips out there for others to learn from it. Each day we ourselves are learning new things and we encourage you to learn with us. 

We push ourselves to be better and to keep our eyes open. Especially at this time we must be grateful for the clients and experiences we have. Let's build a better tomorrow, together.